Be Productive not a Workaholic

26 Feb

Be Productive not a Workaholic

A day out with your family, having dinner in the restaurant. But, at the back of the mind, you keep on thinking about your work and tasks you have to complete in the speculated time. This showcases the impression of you being – “Workaholic”. Being workaholic means you end up working till the godly hours and start off again before the new day begins. But, being workaholic doesn’t always mean that you are productive.

  • Get clear on what you value

Everyone of us follow at least 3 ethics which we apply in our personal as well as professional lives, like – Time Management, Developing new skills and Prioritizing. Identifying these values which you follow, and which defines your life goals and work towards them. Like, in your professional life, time management and prioritizing go hand-in-hand. It helps to allocate your time as per the importance of completing the task. Similarly, in your personal life, giving importance to your family and your health is what you should prioritize and allocate ample amount of time for both.

  • Deliberately create your schedule

Following the calendar at your work is important. Likewise, create a schedule for your life which includes a balance between your professional as well as your personal life. A schedule which can infuse the things which you value the most for your personal as well a professional development. You should not be inclined towards one part of your life, maintaining a balance helps you to spend time with yourself, your family and your work as well. Create a schedule as per your priorities and not by following any expert advice and make sure you follow it with dedication, as the schedule is created by you with some thought process and by allocating your time.

  • Hold yourself accountable

Creating the schedule is your first task. The second task is to hold yourself accountable for either following or not following the schedule. A brilliant hack to keep yourself from NOT getting distracted, and coy away from your schedule is to keep a buffer time of 15-mins between every two scheduled plans. This exercise will help you to track the time that you spend on being productive in your day-to-day schedule. As a result, it will help you to take control over your schedule gradually.

  • Get good at saying no

Modesty kills at times. Learn to say NO! Taking upon extra work-load than expected from you leads to exertion, increase in stress level and directly affecting your physical and mental fitness. Try to follow your schedule as much as possible. In case of some urgency, you can alter the schedule but make sure to not make it a habit.

  • Working hard – but not hustling forever

Working hard is a good quality to adapt but, rushing into achieving your goals will lead to falling face-flat. Don’t hustle, take one step at a time. Create multiple smaller goals, achieve them one at a time. This will motivate you and help you to achieve your end goal.

Love towards your work is not at all a bad thing but, neglecting yourself while working can lead to unproductivity and later affecting your health. Follow these hacks and alter some changes in your life!

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