Know the right Time in & Time out

Know the right Time in & Time out

Timing is important in all stages of life. If one is planning for his work with proper timing than he has a chance of doing things rather perfectly in comparison to others both personally and professionally. However, this can’t be said for the trading community. There is a famous saying among traders that you cannot time the market. The market is unpredictable. However, you can manage things with better timing by having some strategies and technical analysis. The technical analysis can be considered as a dividing line between those who do and those who don’t.

Traders who make their move with results of the technical analysis in their hands have the option of timing and predictability of stock movement. They prefer to wait for right time and then do their moves. Those who don’t do technical analysis argue that waiting for right time may be out too early or late for the right move. However, it is logic with no sense. Timing and knowledge of the market are important. One has to plan his move with or without knowledge of technical analysis.

Then the opposition of timing fraternity comes with the argument that timing can be countered with statics and knowledge. Statics are important to be ready for market to be successful not just timing. But the in timing fraternity says that in today’s world of computer anyone can get the feed. People who prefer timing have no strong evidence for benefits of timing.

When everything fails then the legends come. Warren Buffet is one of a most successful trader in the world. No one can dispute or argue his achievements and but he gained success very late. Buffet started trading in his teens and 90% of his wealth was accumulated in his 60s. He is a classic example for non timers.  Others say that either you have patience like Buffet to acquire those skills or you have to work with timing and strategy.

Now the basic question is not about timing or strategies rather it is about how to be a successful trader with or without timing. Timing is important but nothing can replace skills. If you want to time the market than you also have to acquire those skills needed by a successful trader. People who are willing to provide lip service only (something that most people do) are doing nothing but fooling themselves. Things need a perfect bunch of timing, knowledge, and determination for better results.

If you really want to be successful in trading than first you need to be honest with yourself. Look at your abilities and take some time for analyzing your asset of skills. If you are planning to make big in the stock market without doing many efforts then you better quit trading before starting it. You have to stay in the market for a long time to ensure returns on regular basis. But all these points get blurred with this statement,’ it is not timing the market but the time in the market”. Not many people practice it but those who do with honest efforts are the winners in the stock market.

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