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14 Dec

Nonconvertible debentures versus fixed deposits

Debentures and fixed deposits are two different ways of investing money through financial instruments. A debenture is an unsecured bond. Essentially, it is a bond that is not backed by a physical asset or collateral. Meanwhile, a fixed deposit is an arrangement with a bank where a depositor places money in the bank and is […]

Q2FY19: Earnings Downgrade Continue

Nifty top-line grew by 19% Y-o-Y while Bottom-line grew by 7% Y-o-Y. Nifty sales growth remained flat as pressure on volumes due to delayed festive demand and Kerala floods offset the positive impact of Oil & Gas and Metals sectors. Rising operating costs such as fuel, freight and packaging costs weighed on margins  and profitability. […]

Identifying Multibagger

Everyone enters the stock market to make money. They all want success and they all want to have multibaggers in their portfolio. The traders are always communicating with each other about trading, companies and ‘how to find the new multibagger’? One can read about researches and analysis about experts about searching the new multibagger in […]

Capital Growth Strategy

What is a ‘Capital Growth Strategy’ A capital growth strategy seeks to maximize capital appreciation of an investment portfolio over the long term through an asset allocation geared to securities with high expected returns. BREAKING DOWN ‘Capital Growth Strategy’ Portfolios with a capital growth strategy consist mainly of equities, also known as stocks. The exact […]