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17 Apr

Economic Spotlight: Trade Deficit Inches Up

Trade Deficit came in at USD 10.9 billion in March, making the FY19 trade deficit at USD 176.4 billion up from USD 162 billion in FY18.The March trade deficit is down -19% Y-o-Y, however, has seen a sequential rise from USD 9.5 billion in February 2019. Key Highlights March 2019 exports grew by 11.02% Y-o-Y […]

15 Apr

Economic Spotlight: Inflation shows Uptick, IIP Stagnates

Further Uptick In Headline Inflation Headline CPI inflation for the month of Mar-19 increased marginally to 2.9% Y-o-Y as against 2.6% Y-o-Y in Feb-19. Food inflation turned positive after continuously declining for the past 5 months, and stood at 0.7% Y-o-Y in March, partly due to a lower base. Even fuel & light inflation saw […]

Ind AS 116 – Dimming the light on asset lite models?

India has notified Ind AS 116 (corresponding to IFRS 16)—a new accounting standard on lease—effective April 1, 2019. The most profound change introduced is the elimination of classification between operating and finance leases, thereby recognising all leases on the lessee’s balance sheet. This could, in our view, significantly impact profits and return ratios of companies […]

27 Feb


BEHAVIOURAL FINANCE AND INVESTORS Behavioural finance is a new and rapidly growing field of study & research. Studies on behavioural finance try to understand human behaviour when it comes to money. These studies try to understand why rational people can often make irrational decisions when it comes to investing. Behavioural finance includes psychological theories, particularly […]

GDP Q2FY19: Growth Slows On Weak Consumption

Q2 Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth has slowed appreciably to 7.1% as against street consensus of 7.5%. Gross Value Added (GVA) grew at 6.9%. Key Takeaways from the GDP Numbers (1) GDP growth, though much smaller than consensus, hides the delayed bouncy of festive season which should get reflected in the next quarter. (2) Government expenditure has […]

Correct your focus to make is big in Trading

If you are serious about something and want to make to big in the trading world then the first thing you need to do is correct your focus. Well let me correct you, the term focus is not about long term or short term plan. The term of your investment depends on your choice and […]

Bull Market Or A Bear Market?

The Wall Street Journal and other media outlets often use 20% thresholds to label traditional uptrends and downtrends, stating a new bear market has begun when an index or other security falls 20% off its peak. Conversely, they announce the start of a new bull market when an index or other security rises 20% off its low. This logical approach can […]

The significance of Muhurat trading during Diwali

Muhurat trading also called Mahurat trading is the stock market trading activity which happens for about an hour on the Diwali day. Usually, this trading session is held in the evening and most traders buy on this day. It is a symbolic ritual which has been performed for years and investors make some token purchases […]

Macroeconomic Factor

What is a ‘Macroeconomic Factor’? A macroeconomic factor is one that is related to the broad economy at the regional or national level and affects a large population rather than a few select individuals. Examples of macroeconomic factors are economic output, unemployment, inflation, savings, and investments, and they are key indicators of economic performance that are closely […]

Tactical Trading

What is ‘Tactical Trading’ Tactical trading is a style of investing for the relatively short term based on anticipated market trends. Tactical trading involves taking long or short positions in a range of markets, from equities and fixed income to commodities and currencies. Diversified long-term portfolios will often include a tactical trading overlay, which involves allocating part […]