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Short Selling

What is Short Selling Short selling is the sale of a security that the seller has borrowed. A short seller profits if a security’s price declines. In other words, the trader sells to open the position and expects to buy it back later at a lower price and will keep the difference as a gain. […]

Understanding Ex-Dividend

What is an ‘Ex-Dividend’ Ex-dividend is a stock trading term that specifies when a declared dividend is owned by the seller rather than the buyer. The term literally means “without the dividend” because once a share trades ex-dividend, the buyer no longer has the right to receive the most recently declared dividend. BREAKING DOWN ‘Ex-Dividend’ A stock trades ex-dividend on […]

Active Trading

What is ‘Active Trading’ Active trading refers to buying and selling securities for quick profit based on short-term movements in price. BREAKING DOWN ‘Active Trading’ Active trading seeks profit from price movements in highly liquid markets. For this reason, active traders generally focus on volatile stocks, foreign currency trades, or derivatives. Active trading requires a more […]

Cash Settlement

What is a ‘Cash Settlement’ A cash settlement is a settlement method used in certain futures and options contracts where, upon expiration or exercise, the seller of the financial instrument does not deliver the actual (physical) underlying asset but instead transfers the associated cash position. For sellers not wishing to take actual possession of the […]

Correct your focus to make is big in Trading

If you are serious about something and want to make to big in the trading world then the first thing you need to do is correct your focus. Well let me correct you, the term focus is not about long term or short term plan. The term of your investment depends on your choice and […]

The significance of Muhurat trading during Diwali

Muhurat trading also called Mahurat trading is the stock market trading activity which happens for about an hour on the Diwali day. Usually, this trading session is held in the evening and most traders buy on this day. It is a symbolic ritual which has been performed for years and investors make some token purchases […]

Tactical Trading

What is ‘Tactical Trading’ Tactical trading is a style of investing for the relatively short term based on anticipated market trends. Tactical trading involves taking long or short positions in a range of markets, from equities and fixed income to commodities and currencies. Diversified long-term portfolios will often include a tactical trading overlay, which involves allocating part […]

Know the right Time in & Time out

Timing is important in all stages of life. If one is planning for his work with proper timing than he has a chance of doing things rather perfectly in comparison to others both personally and professionally. However, this can’t be said for the trading community. There is a famous saying among traders that you cannot […]

Risk Management for Traders

Risk management is an essential but often overlooked prerequisite to successful trading. After all, a trader who has generated substantial profits over his or her lifetime can lose it all in just one or two bad trades if proper risk management isn’t employed. This article will discuss some simple strategies that can be used to […]

How to crack the code of trading?

Trading is an interesting business and a large number of people have a humongous attraction towards trading. In the trading world, there are many experts shouting from the top of their voice to trade for the long term if they want to make money. There are more number people engaged in short-term trading and percentage […]